Design X Pedicure Spas and Pedicure Benches

All of our Design X pedicure spas chairs and pedicure spa benches can be custom pedicure spa seats. We can design pedicure seating to fit your space, even if the walls in your space are curved or angled. Pedicure spa seating is available in hundreds of different colors and patterns for the body and seat.

So many options!

  • Our top-of-the-line pedicure spa chairs and pedicure spa benches are mostly made to order in any color and size.
  • Bench style pedicure spas can be configured in any length for multiple clients or as single seat pedicure spa chairs.
  • Sink options include an innovative Aqua Jet pipeless technology.
  • Massage options in the seating
  • 5 different sink choices for each pedicure spa chair.