VENTILATION SYSTEM | SalonSafe™ FreshAire Ventilation System

Now also available is the FA8 a Ventilation kit for 4 to 8 stations. $7,699.00


Code requirement requires toxic fumes to be exhausted to the outside. Every workspace source must have an airflow damper control to achieve a balance of 50 cubic feet per minute. The air going out must come back in fresh. Almost all systems, manicures, and pedicures available today do not solve the toxic fume issue. Causing many to waste money and fail inspection.

Design X Manufacturing, Inc. offers a complete solution with proper air regulation per health code requirements!

The patented SalonSafe™ FreshAire Ventilation System connects to any of our manicure and pedicure spas by applying economical temperature acclimation during the fresh air recovery in a compact, affordable package.

  • Up to 4 work sources 
  • Provides a high-efficiency toxic fume exhaust
  • Fresh air recovery

Each FreshAire Ventilation System balances exhaust and fresh airstreams while moderating temperature extremes and humidity both in summer and winter in nail and hair salons.

The system’s purpose is to be health code compliant by removing toxic fumes from all nail salon chemical pollutants at the work source. 

City codes and landlords are now requiring nail salons to provide a way to capture and exhaust harmful fumes and supply back fresh outdoor air.

FreshAire unit weighs approximately 65 lbs and can be placed in a back room or hung from the deck above and doesn’t require upgrades to electrical service or modifications to existing HVAC systems.


ABOUT SalonSafe™ FreshAire Ventilation System


SalonSafe™ FreshAire Ventilation System handles both exhaust and fresh airstreams while also moderating temperature extremes and humidity both in summer and winter. It also removes formaldehyde and other nail salon chemical pollutants at the source.

SalonSafe™ Ventilation System Manicure & Pedicure Diagram

The static-plate core is the key. These resin plates transfer both heat and water vapor from the exhaust air to precondition the fresh outside air using the available energy in the exhaust air leaving the building.

At the same time, the supply and exhaust airstreams NEVER mix or come in contact with one another. This makes SalonSafe™ Ventilation System the ONLY choice for nail salon compliance with the International Mechanical Code.

SalonSafe™ Ventilation System Componants Diagram


The International Mechanical Code requires that nail salon exhaust shall include ventilation tables or other systems to capture contaminates and odors at their source be capable of exhausting a minimum of 50cfm per station and prohibit the recirculation of the exhausted air.


Other source capture methods available today can be bulky, noisy, and expensive and require frequent maintenance to operate properly. They just don’t lend themselves to a tranquil spa or salon setting. While they may filter the intake air, these units exhaust stale air back into the room, which is a violation of the International Mechanical Code. Some source capture solutions that do exhaust outdoors DO NOT provide fresh, outdoor air, leaving the salon space with an unhealthy & unbalanced HVAC circulation system.


  • Captures contaminates at the source.
  • Provides fresh, outdoor air.
  • NO airstream mixing or recirculation.
  • Energy efficient and cost-effective.
  • No special engineering or HVAC balancing.
  • Easy to install.
  • Complies with IMC, ADA, and OSHA.
  • Quiet fan operation.
  • Easily maintained (the static plate core needs only annual cleaning).
  • Meets ANSI Z9.9 for ventilation systems.
  • Simple, elegant design.

SalonSafe™ FreshAire Ventilation System COMPONENTS DIAGRAM

SalonSafe™ Ventilation System Components Diagram

Pressure switch
Booster Fan

Core Assembly: Limited 5-year warranty
All Other Covered Components: Limited 5-year warranty

Width: 31in (787 mm)
Height: 21-3/4in (552 mm)
Depth: 17-1/16in (433 mm)

120 VAC, 60 Hz, 2.1 A, 252 W
Cord Set: Line Cord Power Connection 48in (1219 mm) with ground

68 lbs

CODE COMPLIANT:  The patented system provides source capture at each station capable of exhausting 50CFM directly outdoors in accordance with table 403.3.1.1 (2017 FBC Mechanical Code) note b and h. The mechanical code requires that a ventilation system be air balanced.  That means the amount of fresh air coming in shall equal the amount of air that is being exhausted outside.  Our system provides code compliance for fresh air and toxic source capture in one, small, energy efficient package. The  FreshAire unit supplies makeup air to keep the ventilation in balance all while being whisper quiet. The system pre-conditions the incoming fresh air using the temperature and humidity of the exhaust air without mixing with fresh air.  For more than 4 worksources more FreshAire units would be needed.