JULIET Island Station

JULIET Island Station

JULIET Island Station

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Product Details

The Juliet Island Station features beautiful double-sided mirrors that rests on top of the counter making it a timeless piece for any salon. Best of all? It features lower inset cabinetry for storing brushes, curling wands, hair dryers, and other styling accessories. This island station is great quality and built to last for many years. 

  • Two 8.5in storage drawers, one 17in accessory storage drawer.
  • 17in accessory storage drawer shown includes two Standard Iron Grommets + one 2" Iron Grommet + one Hair Dryer Grommet storage area for styling accessories.
  • Side Hook for any bag, small coat, hat, or other accessory.
  • Optional Cabinetry Locks.
  • Shown with framed back lit mirrors.
  • Designed and Handcrafted in the USA.
  • Avaliable in Any Size.
  • Mirror Frame - Over 1,000 Laminate Colors to Choose From.
  • Counter - Any Material of Choice.
  • Exterior - Over 1,000 Laminate Colors to Choose From.
  • Customizable to the Client's Needs.

    Please call to speak with a design sales person to discuss your storage needs.