In-Stock Vienna Pedicure

In-Stock Vienna Pedicure

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TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK. Vienna Loveseat Pedicure features fully upholstered curved armrests and seat back in standard black vinyl as well as two pedicure stations in Wilsonart Empire Mahogany 7122T-07.Each station has a faucet with a pull-out sprayer, an adjustable footrest and a stainless steel sink that will not crack or break. The pedicure also has one large storage drawer and an outlet between the stations. Price above also includes the Super Six Jet System and Built-in Heat and Massage. 72 long X 48 wide. Click here for the Assembly Instructions of this model.
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New Ozone Technology that sanitizes during pedicures

Every Design X Pedicure comes with an Ozone Generator, which destroys all pathogenic bacteria, and breaks down the complex molecular structures of common organisms like HIV, Influenza, algae, Fungal Pathogens, bacteria (etc.) back to their safe original elements. Its power to kill pathogens is unsurpassed. It is a simple and natural alternative to purify water. For more information on our Ozone Generator click here.

The ozone generator is effective for 3000 hours of use, so a per use cleaning procedure is not necessary unless required by local or state codes. You should, however, check weekly to see that the indicator light is purple on the ozone generator. It will need to be replaced if the light is no longer purple. For more information on our Cleaning Procedure click here