A line of saunas for professional collective use:
Spas, Hotels, Sports Centres, Physical and Beauty
Therapy Centres.
The most sturdy structure, the high reliability of
electronic and electromechanical parts, the exclusive
user-friendly control functions (large push-button for
remote calls, a removable key, an electronic multiple
sand-glass), the absolute hygiene of the interior which
is treated with special non-toxic, transparent and mat
varnishes, the care for details, the complete outfit and
the exclusive design, make LE FINLANDESI absolutely
unique on the sauna market for professional use,
meeting all possible demands.
LE FINLANDESI are mass prefabricated.

Veiw Electric Controls

Wall and door frames are entirely built in laminated wood, a
material which is quite expensive but absolutely resisting the
heavy thermal stresses to which it is exposed.
Walls are hot pressed (95° temperature and 400 ton pressure)
and make up a single block including frame and covering:
they are subsequently squared and finally they are calibrated
and preassembled.
The electrical installation is entirely assembled and housed in
the front wall.
The door is already installed and adjusted.
Assembling a Sauna Italia booth is a matter of few minutes.
These suanas booth can be disassembled and reassembled
elsewhere any time.

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