Rejuvalight II Anti-Aging Unit

Rejuvalight II Anti-Aging Unit

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Product Details

A TRUE ANTI-AGING TREATMENT WITH THE HEALING POWER OF LIGHTSpecifically designed with elaborate treatment programs based on scientific research, the Rejuvalight II offers an extensively proven specific light technology. UL, CUL and CE Approved.Provide your clients unsurpassed, superior benefits with immediate visible results.Expand your business by offering the latest in effective light therapy.- Normalizes Cellular Metabolism
- Increases Cellular Renewal
- Promotes Increased Skin Moisture
- Stimulates Fibroblasts Activity
- Boosts Collagen Elastin Production
- Increases Oxygen Supply
- Stimulates Blood Circulation
- Lightens Hyperpigmentation
- Calms Redness From Microcirculation Problems
- Accelerates Tissue Repair Healing
- Energizes Skin
Made in Italy.